the girls.

i suppose it would be best to briefly describe the vibe of each of my daughters.  it will put into context their specific reaction’s to “our plan.”

isabel (nickname: boo) will turn 13 years old this summer.  wow!  that is difficult for me to believe.  isabel is smart, bookish and responsible.  she loves plants and animals.  she thinks that humans have really messed things up in this world.  from birth, she acted like brett and i were not really good enough to be her parents.  she can be very critical and usually looks at the negative side of things.  she is also very wise, an old soul.  she is happiest when she is outdoors.  she takes wonderful care of her pets and her sisters.

sasha (nickname: bear) is a warm and friendly person.  she will turn 10 next month.  she loves to make people laugh.  she is theatrical and silly.  she likes to get her sisters all riled up.  she is the best cuddler.  she explains things and tells stories, using her whole body.  she cartwheels across a room.  she is a worrier and a people-pleaser.  she is a homebody, and doesn’t really like to spend a lot of time in “nature.”

amara (nickname: red) 7 years old- is her own person.  she is unique, and never conforms to the norm.  she likes sports, and anything that boys might typically like.  she is attracted to the villain, the bad guy.  she is very sneaky.  amara has an amazing memory, and is definitely more intelligent than brett and i.  she is very kind to children younger than herself.   being around amara always offers me a unique and valued perspective on things.  she sees the world differently than everyone else in our family.  i love that!

sophia (nickname: fifi) will turn 6 years old this month. she is my reward!  she is so easy-going and loveable.  i know that she will always be  popular and well-liked.  she is fun to be around and gets along well with everyone.  she likes to pray and to sing.  she can play for hours with a stuffed animal.  sophia likes to get her own way.  yup, she’s spoiled.  she always wants me to buy her something – very difficult to shop with – buy me this, buy me that.  ugh!

that’s my daughters….in a nutshell.

so, when brett and i sat down to talk with them about adding familyoga into our evening routine, their reactions were funny and varied.  for sophia, the news was no big deal.  she takes to the yoga practice like a fish to water.  if any of the girls keep this practice in their lives, it will almost certainly be sophia.  amara was kind of non-reactionary.  she acted like she has more important things on her mind (like star wars, pokemon and football!)  yet, she made it known that she would go along with the plan.  she likes  routine and consistency.  so, this was good for her.  sasha was a little worried or nervous about this change-up.  she wondered, “what if we have a friend spend the night, will we still have to do the practice?”  i said, “yes! if your friend is willing to participate.”  sasha looked skeptical.

and finally, isabel, our dear “glass is half-empty” daughter.  her reaction to the news of the plan/the practice was…..priceless.  with disgust in her voice and on her face – direct quote: “mom, this is the dumbest idea you’ve ever had.  you know i’m not bendy.” then, she huffs, and stomps out of the room.  uh-oh….we already have a defector.

and isabel is right…for being the daughter of two very bendy parents (brett and i can easily do lotus pose/wheel pose/etc.) she is the most inflexible child i’ve ever seen.  she has zero flexibility.  none.

this is where we started from.  i love it!   this is real.  bringing yoga into our family life….what an experience.  i can’t wait to tell you more!

up next:  this past april -we did a trial run – one evening session – it could not have gone any worse.  and!  i am so excited that tomorrow morning, my friend susan c. will help me spruce up the appearance of the blog.  i don’t like the blue background and it looks to busy.  she’s gonna teach me a few things about blogging and assist me in getting the blog to look like i want it to look.  be aware! be grateful! good things are happening.  peace and love, lisa

About familyoga

i am a mama, a yoga instructor, a lover, a gardener, and a music maker. i live in a little town 19 miles northwest of downtown indianapolis, indiana. i will blog about familyoga - specifically, myself, my husband/hetero life partner, brett, and our children as we explore familyoga and good livin'. brett will also be blogging. he is a deep soul. he loves music and traveling, gardening and his family.
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2 Responses to the girls.

  1. dennis southerland says:

    these are my grand daughters and i have learned something…thanks for the lesson…love, d

  2. Katie Luck says:

    Lisa…I love your blog! You are so good at this…I smiled the whole time I read your description of the girls!!! 🙂

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