feels so good

to be writing on here again.  hello hello!!

when i write, i feel it in my whole body.  it is thoughts….co-mingling with physical sensations that come through my fingers and thumbs, as writing.  it is a story, a tale in my mind that i attempt to bring to life through the written word.   once you read the story – it will have created an imprint on you….maybe subtle, maybe profound, maybe neither.  so then, it becomes possible that the written word could disappear – and the story remains.  this website could crash – all blogs lost.  the book could be burned.  the ink could smear – the words vanish.  yet, you readers, honored ones, you carry the stories you have read, with you.  you share them with others.  in some way, your life has shifted; you have grown – because you read stories, because you tell stories….our lives are enriched.

wow!  that didn’t sound like familyoga.  anywho….seriously, beloved readers, i am honored to share  with you -thank you for helping me keep up with the blog and my writing.

we have been busy.

brett, the kids and i have spent a lot of time outside.  brett’s job is an outdoor job.  sometimes i forget and i expect him to come home from work and want to play outside with the girls or take a long walk with me.  and he will smile sweetly and say, “lisa, i’ve walked around outside for 8 or 9 hours today (sometimes carrying a 30 pound pack), i don’t want to go take a walk.”  i sigh.

we have been having play dates with friends.  amara and sophia attended our local nature camp.  we love hanging out at the pool (i took a cat nap 🙂 poolside recently.  it was delightful).  amara finished up her inaugural little league softball season as a champion.   they won first place in the tournament.  isabel is volunteering at our local library one day each week.  we spent the night at my friend’s lake house.  the kids caught toads and fireflies.  they rocked in the hammock for hours.  sasha will attend drama camp in july.  i have been teaching the yoga.  i play with my kids.  i spend a lot of time in my kitchen.

summery days and nights do not lend themselves to me sitting at the computer often…..yet, i am composing in my head, a new blog post about our recent familyoga experiences…..or lack thereof.  the onset of summer brought on an attempted derailment of our familyoga routine.  ugh.  we only did about 5 practices in the past 17 days.  but, do not despair…..(i’m reassuring myself as well) – we did a practice earlier tonight.  the kids and i talked about the lack of recent familyoga.  i said to them, “girls, let’s keep at it.  we must all try harder.  it’s good for us.  i know this to be true.  trust.  keep going.”  so, we will.  tonight’s practice was not great.  i will write about it soon.  but, i believe in this thing that we are doing.  we are making a difference.  as a family,  we are creating and nurturing a bond that is established through a shared spiritual practice.  i intend to be relaxed and open with it.  i do not need another stressor.  and so it goes….i love these people in my family with all my heart.

good night.  love.


About familyoga

i am a mama, a yoga instructor, a lover, a gardener, and a music maker. i live in a little town 19 miles northwest of downtown indianapolis, indiana. i will blog about familyoga - specifically, myself, my husband/hetero life partner, brett, and our children as we explore familyoga and good livin'. brett will also be blogging. he is a deep soul. he loves music and traveling, gardening and his family.
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3 Responses to feels so good

  1. neocory says:

    I enjoy your posts immensely Consider this if you will, you are fulfilling 2 roles, one family yoga and two sharing that information with the world. They can be extreme opposites at time, do not concern yourself, just do it. You are exceptional in your ability to express openly your experiences and I for one find that refreshing and inspirational. Thank you. I look forward to every post and send them on to a variety of other humans that are not members of familyyoga. Go Girl! xo.

  2. Cathy Southerland says:

    Beautiful words, Lisa . . . and this weekend when I asked Sophia what she thought about familyoga, she said that she loved it and that she misses it when you don’t have the opportunity to do it.

    Love to all,

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