questions 10-21

this blog entry is the conclusion to the one i previously posted called: 21 questions.

10. what are the most important things that a newborn baby needs?  “a home, food, a bed, love.”

11. what does getting old look like? what might it feel like?  “maybe you can’t walk as fast as you did when you were younger. it feels like you’re growing and you’re shrinking. i think that getting old means that you feel strong and healthy.”

12. what will the world look like in 50 years?  “well,  new people will be born.  the world will be more eco-friendly.  there will be inventions, new places, new things…..maybe robot waiters and waitresses.”

13. when do you feel the happiest?  “i feel happiest when i am laughing or when i’m eating my favorite food.  i feel happy when i am with my pets and my friends.”

14. when do you feel the saddest?  “i feel sad when i see signs for lost pets.  i feel sad when i lose something, or if i drop the ball when i am trying to catch it.  i feel sad when people get hurt, or if i think about my best friend moving far away.”

15. what makes you feel worried?  “i feel worried about my grades at school. i am worried when i feel that something is going wrong, or when people i love are fighting.  i worry about my parents dying.”

16. what makes you feel relaxed?  “i relax when i am playing outside, or when our cat cuddles with me. i relax when i am in bed and i don’t have any worries.  i relax in a swimming pool.  i relax when i am laying next to our two cats.”

17. what’s your favorite yoga pose?  “tree pose. camel pose. child’s pose. lotus pose.”

18. if you could do something kind for your mom and dad, what would it be? “i would give them breakfast in bed.  i would give them a surprise dinner date.  i would give them a vacation that was already all planned out and paid for. 🙂 i would give dad a new deck of tarot cards and mom, a new journal.”

19. if you could do something kind for yourself, what would it be?  “i would try not to be so hard on myself or get stressed out.  i would be a good sport.  i would eat healthy foods and not eat to much candy.  i would get myself a dog.”

20. what are your talents?  “yoga. light saber battling. football. math. cursive handwriting.  cartwheels. swimming. singing. drumming. being friendly. magic tricks. working with animals. cheerleading. running. fashion design. badminton.”

21. are you hopeful or pessimistic about the future?  “pessimistic. hopeful. hopeful. hopeful.”

there ya have it….our familyoga interviews – deep questions followed by sometimes funny,  thoughtful, often profound and unique, yet somehow universally understood responses.  maybe this inspires you to ask questions like these of yourself and your loved ones.  happy interviewing!  love, lisa

About familyoga

i am a mama, a yoga instructor, a lover, a gardener, and a music maker. i live in a little town 19 miles northwest of downtown indianapolis, indiana. i will blog about familyoga - specifically, myself, my husband/hetero life partner, brett, and our children as we explore familyoga and good livin'. brett will also be blogging. he is a deep soul. he loves music and traveling, gardening and his family.
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3 Responses to questions 10-21

  1. carrie says:

    all twenty~one, ilove♥

  2. Mary Redman says:

    Your kids are great. I love the 21 questions idea. I wish I had done it for my children…though I did do something like it…I asked for their input on vacation journals, and I have saved those amazing responses. Perhaps I can do 21 questions with my grandchildren if and when I get

    • familyoga says:

      thanks so much mary. anticipating future cuteness from potential, future grandchildren is delightful as well. i’ll see ya on the yoga mat. thanks for checking about my blog – hope to post again soon. xo namaste. lisa d

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