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a cool story from a summer night

last night,  after the girls had been hugged and kissed and tucked into bed, brett and i were hanging out.  suddenly, i began to hear very faint music.  now, i spend most of my waking hours hearing music in my … Continue reading

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the new normal

just when i thought it was safe to relax into the ease and security of  my routine…..i knew what to expect.  i was in control.  i was thriving within my self-imposed structures and scheduling.  ha!  how quickly and easily i … Continue reading

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poor, dear, neglected blog

i can’t believe it, beloved blog.  i let so many days, weeks, months go by without even a glance in your direction.  sure, i thought about blog posts.  i mentally planned blog posts.  something would happen, and i would think … Continue reading

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