yoga class – all together now

unexpectedly profound.  made this mama weepy.  why did i wait so long to do this?  grateful.  and with a large dose of silliness.

i woke up in a rotten mood last week.  not sure why….couldn’t pinpoint a reason. and, i stayed that way for most of the day – feeeling sad, grouchy, lonely, mopey, frustrated and simultaneously overwhelmed and underwhelmed.  ick!

brett was out of town for the night, so, i considered my options.  did i have it in me to make a fun summer memory?  what could it be?  i checked the schedule for our minor league baseball team, the indianapolis indians.  they were playing a home game, downtown indy, started at 7pm – we could do that.   or….miniature golf, who doesn’t love mini golf?  and, on the east side of indy is rustic gardens (the best place to play).  it’s where i played when i was a little girl.  that might be fun.

but, my rotten mood prevailed – i thought of a dozen reasons why both those outings would just bring more misery – both entailed a long drive, i’d have to spend a good bit of money, it was really hot outside, my kids would probably want to go home not long after arrival, siblings would argue… mind you, most of these expectations weren’t a guaranteed outcome; and, i don’t mind driving and a little expense for fun isn’t going to doom me.  but, i mentally shot down both ideas.  now – i was feeling even more anxious.

then, i remembered.  what always makes me feel better about myself and my place in the world?  duh. taking a yoga class.  slowly, my gloom started to lift.  one of my favorite local instructors, christine k., was scheduled to teach a vinyasa flow class at 5:45.  i’ve been to her class before, so, i am familiar with her style and with the other students that usually attend.  so, i sent her a quick fb message:  christine, would it be all right with you, and not too distracting to others, if i came to your class with my four daughters?  she soon replied: bring ’em. it will be awesome.

so, i gathered the girls – made the announcement: “mandatory yoga class attendance with your mama!” 

we headed to the studio a mile down the road, and arrived plenty early for class.  christine made eye contact with each of my girls and one by one, she gave them each a hug, and told them how happy she was that they were there. 

we went into the yoga room and set out our mats – 5 mats in a row, in the back row.  other students came in and there were quizzical looks……i could sense them asking themselves, am i in the right class?  who brought all the kids?  is this gonna work?  and honestly, i only knew the answer to one of those questions.

i offered yoga props to my daughters.  reliably, my two youngests wanted every prop available.  i offered my oldest, an eye pillow.  she didn’t want one, claiming it would ruin her eye makeup, which she spends lengthy periods of time each day, perfecting. 

class began.  my daughters flowed with christine’s instructions and were respectful of each other and the other students in the room.  i started to think to myself…this is good.   as time elapsed, and we moved through poses and breaths, each of the girls’ quirky personalities emerged within the practice.

sasha and sophia were taking it quite seriously.  they were trying their best. they were calm and steady.  i peeked over once and saw christine help sophia into the prettiest half moon pose i’ve ever seen.  at one point, i noticed amara doing some bizarre interpretive dance moves. and, i almost stepped in and said something to her, like hey! not now!  but, i paused.  i reflected.  she wasn’t distracting anyone. she was quiet and staying on her own mat.  if the girl wants to shake it, i should let her shake it.

of course, one of my girls farted loudly during a pose, and i bit my lip hard and stared at the ground to keep from laughing.  after class, they all denied doing it – each person pointing a finger at the sister sitting next to them.  i reassured them that anyone who has taken yoga classes, has farted during a class.  i have. haven’t you?

christine conducted the class with wisdom, grace and good humor.  and the most poignant part of the class, for me, involved my dear isabel (whom, if you’ve read this blog before…you know.  she is not a fan of the yoga).  she struggles with flexibility, strength and coordination.  she was in a pose, christine approached her and whispered in her ear, “you are a strong young woman.”  and hearing that, made my heart swell to such a size that i felt it would burst – because i want the best for her, and she’s 14 and it’s a tough age and she is searching for her place and her purpose – and she is a very strong, young woman.

savasana was delightful. everyone relaxed.  at the end of class, i thanked the other students for being welcoming to us.  sasha wants to go back.  the girls debriefed a bit after class.  they described the experience as helpful, peaceful, beneficial and relaxing.  we all felt better.

and that, my friends is the beauty of an intentional practice of body, mind, spirit connection.  and who better to share that with, than my beloved daughters?

peace and love to you all.  thank you christine. you gave us all a priceless gift.



About familyoga

i am a mama, a yoga instructor, a lover, a gardener, and a music maker. i live in a little town 19 miles northwest of downtown indianapolis, indiana. i will blog about familyoga - specifically, myself, my husband/hetero life partner, brett, and our children as we explore familyoga and good livin'. brett will also be blogging. he is a deep soul. he loves music and traveling, gardening and his family.
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3 Responses to yoga class – all together now

  1. summercushman says:

    Beautiful post…as always. And a good reminder to us teachers of the importance of creating an open, welcoming space for all in our classes.

  2. Mom says:

    Beautiful message for all of us to remember. We never know when one of those life-touching moments will occur.

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