my song


“most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with their song still in them.”  henry david thoreau

i want my song to be sung.  i want it to be simple and clear. then, i want it to be transformed into a melody with 4 part harmony.  i want it to be shouted from rooftops.  i want it to be whispered through desert canyons.  i want it to be chanted over and over and over again until the singer slips into an otherworldly trance.  i want it tatooed on to my heart.  i want to hold a seashell to my ear and hear my song being sung to me.  i want my song to soar through the trees in the forest, like a bird in flight.  i want to awaken from sweet dreams with my song poised on my lips.  i want to hear the remix.  i…

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About familyoga

i am a mama, a yoga instructor, a lover, a gardener, and a music maker. i live in a little town 19 miles northwest of downtown indianapolis, indiana. i will blog about familyoga - specifically, myself, my husband/hetero life partner, brett, and our children as we explore familyoga and good livin'. brett will also be blogging. he is a deep soul. he loves music and traveling, gardening and his family.
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